Monday, April 5, 2010

McNabb to Washington - WTF Edition and How the Bills Show Play It

I just don't see the benefit to trading to a division rival in this way - especially one that looks to be on the cusp of being a long-term threat again. Could it be that the Eagles really gave McNabb his choice of the offers on the able?

It seems he's ready to talk extension with this team...

So, here's my call if I'm Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey:

Team Needs: QB, LT, NT, OLB, WR

1. Trade the Second Round pick (or just swap First Round positions, from 9-25) for LT Jared Gaither of the Ravens.
2. Trade Fourth Round pick for Washington's now-superfluous QB Jason Campbell.
3. Trade 9th overall pick and move down in First Round and gain an additional later round pick.
4. Draft NT Dan Williams with mid-late First Round pick.

Don't disappoint me Buddy!

Oh, anyone know what happened to our page layout or, for that matter, to JalRod?


  1. The page layout looks the same to me as it always did and JalRod is as always JalRod. What's to be said?

    I'm not focused on Bills football as you are, so I won't critique your suggestions except for Jason Campbell. Is that really the star you want to hitch your wagon to? I'll let you provide the statistics to prove me wrong on this, but he strikes me as a phenomenal talent who will never reach his potential. He's the kind of player that will make a spectacular play and keep your hopes alive only to crush them again with a series of boneheaded plays. Admittedly, he might be a step up from what you have right now, but certainly not any kind of long term solution near as I can tell.

    Now, I agree with you about the McNabb trade. I don't see the sense of trading him to a conference rival. No matter how terrible they were last year, now that have a good coach, giving them a motivated, skilled QB, even on the downhill slope of his career, you are asking for trouble. I think Reid and the organization tried to take McNabb's feelings into account to such an extent that they wouldn't consider sending him somewhere he didn't want to go and that will end up costing them as they face him twice a year.

  2. I agree completely re: Campbell. However, he is definitely heads above all the guys on the Bills' roster. Hell, I think he put up 20 touchdowns last year or the year before behind terrible tackles similar to the current ones in Buffalo. (No Bills qb has come close to that number in almost a decade).

    But there doesn't seem to be a chance to grab a franchise guy this year, so I'd be thinking 1 likely 2 years beyond 2010 before I find my long-term guy. When all he has to do is stick around 2 years or so, I'd give up a 4th Round for a starting punter much less qb.

    The McNabb deal really still confuses me. I mean, it was a really really bad business decision for the franchise. Maybe they were committed to trading him and simply had no other option once the bad teams (e.g., Oakland, Buffalo) begged off when McNabb wouldn't sign long term.

    But the question remains: What dumb fuck is so committed to getting rid of a franchise quarterback whose won 8 playoff games that they give him up to a division rival for a song?

  3. I'd say part of the dilemma that Eagles management faced with the McNabb situation was the ornery Philadelphia sports fan. They were screaming for him to go since he hasn't won a superbowl. Well, by that measure, how many QB's for how many teams would have already been gone? As you say, he's won 8 playoff games in his tenure there and without having a stellar receiving corps or running game for support. With that kind of idiocy as a fan base, it doesn't surprise me that they were pressured into making such a dumb move as trading him to a division *rival*, a division foe mind you that suddenly has new life with Shanahan behind the wheel. You think McNabb won't be a little motivated this season?

    On a side note, and frankly, this might be worth a whole post, I'm very tired of people hanging a team's win/loss record solely on a QB's head. Quarterbacks are not pitchers and this isn't baseball. Football is hands down the most team-oriented sport we have. A QB might be the most important person on the offensive side of the ball since he has his hands on the ball every play, but he's only one member of a team that has to function as a unit to succeed. For people in Philadelphia to blame the Eagles' stagnation on him is utterly ridiculous.