Tuesday, March 16, 2010


According to a recent article in USA today, the Bills' annual payroll is 8 million dollars a year more than the Colts', 15 million more than the Patriots', and 21 million more than the Cowboys'. Their payroll is actually higher than many teams'. It's just further proof of how inept and dysfunctional the organization truly is.


  1. Although it seems a bit like tempting fate to say this on the very day the Bills sign a Top Ten free agent (Dwan Edwards), it is hard not to agree completely.

    Along with all of their other problems, they have lacked a guy who has a clear and unique football vision and identity for this club for so long that the last decade became just a series of disconnected personnel moves that costs lots of money and produced nothing much resembling professional football, especially the last 5+ years (how much money did they commit to Dockery and Walker?).

    By way of interesting contrast, the Bills are also near the top of another list of NFL teams - those who are currently spending less than what was the minimum required by the old Collective Bargaining Agreement that just expired on March 5.

    Now that the CBA has expired there is no longer a salary floor for teams (just as there is no longer a cap), and, amazingly enough, the Bills make the list of teams who just happen to be taking advantage of the chance to pay players less then they had too in previous years.

    Oh, and good to have you on board, Ironbeard! With such a smart crew talking football here this should be the most enjoyable offseason I've had in a very long time.

  2. Not me...In response to both comments.

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