Thursday, February 25, 2010

Inaugural Post: Bill Walsh's 1985 Stanford QB Manual

I wanted to find some common ground for the first post and I thought we could both agree on the genius of Walsh.

Someone put Bill Walsh's QB Manual online. (This is why I love the Internet).

The best way to increase your football IQ while sitting in front of your computer, hands down.


  1. I agree with everything here. Yet, even if other scouts didn't appreciate their talent at first (making Walsh a great scout as well), you've got to admit that the kind of roster depth that the 49ers had during the entire Montana/Walsh run probably couldn't be replicated today given the Salary Cap. They had 2nd and even 3rd stringers that would probably have started on other teams in the league at the time.

    Wait - as of March 5th the NFL Salary Cap is no more...I guess we now only just have to wait until either Jones or Kraft or Synder buy themselves the next dynasty.

  2. I was just looking up Cross's HOF status. He was a 2009 class nominee, but I don't think he made it. He's sure to get in soon, I've no doubt.

    I'm making my way through the manual a few pages at a time as a little bedtime reading.